Sunday, April 14, 2013

More Saints

The last 2 weeks saw several sales of saint pendants and a couple of special orders.

Saint Francis is a pocket icon and has his prayer on the reverse.  He was supposed to have a riza which is a metal covering over the background but it never did turn out right.  I finally removed all the soldering and did a simple edging.  The person who requested it may not want it without the riza but it will sell anyway, St Francis is very popular.  I did one several years ago that turned out great but it was an experiment.  Some days the solder does only what it wants to to do.

The long pendant is Sister Dorothy Kazel, she was one of the missionaries murdered in El Salvador in 1980.

And 5 more Good Shepherd pendants for a repeat customer.  Her church has a catechism course named Good Shepherd and these are for the folks completing the class.  This is her second order and she has a 3rd order coming up soon.  I try to make them all just a bit different without going crazy since I have no idea if they are for men or women or children.  The reverse has an icon of Mary and they are all different.

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Debra Spincic said...

Really nice selection, Angela!

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