Sunday, February 17, 2013

Repaired Jacket & More Quilting

My Tuesday Stitchers project is coming long nicely.  Read more about it here.
I've quilted a bit every evening and I am down to about 2 feet along one side and about 6 inches on the other 3 sides yet to do.  I may very well get done with the quilting by the end of February.
I attached all the layers of this re-quilted quilt with large safety pins.

I did have a small project Saturday that has been needing to be done for months.  I have a favorite, very old windbreaker jacket and have not found a replacement.  So I picked up some fun fabric and rehabbed it.
 The batik look fabric covers the collar and one stripe on one sleeve where I had holes and tears.  I just cut fabric, pinned in place and appliqued into place.  

1 comment:

Darla Mae said...

The batik is so pretty! I love it when I can "refresh" something I already own and make it kinda new again.
Great job on the quilting. I have plans to try my hand at quilting...but trying to finish some other started projects first.

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