Sunday, February 24, 2013

Childhood Clothing in a Quilt

Well.....I don't think I will be getting the quilt done this month, it will be March.  I have made some progress but it has been slow this week.  Excessive data entry at work has caused the carpal tunnel to be aggravated in my right wrist and I seem to have done something to my left elbow and it feels very bruised when there is no bruise there.  Ahh, the pleasures of getting older. 
Since there is not really a photo of progress this week, I thought I would share the fabrics I remember that Grandma made clothes out of for my cousin Judy that got handed down to me.
This one was originally navy blue and white.
The clothes were simple elastic waist shorts and a sleeveless scoop neck top, simple play clothes.
This used to be a very vibrant purple.
And this one would have been perfect as part of Debra's sewing theme quilt.

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Darla Mae said...

I had a quilt that my grandma made me and I spent hours looking and remembering the doll dresses she made my doll from the different fabrics. Such good memories!

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