Monday, January 7, 2013

Battling 'The Stench' & Keeping Warm

Well about a week ago I started smelling something 'off'.  I thought it was the trash so out it went.  Nope, the smell got stronger until it surfaced enough to identify.  Some animal crawled under my mobile home and proceeded to die and I know it wasn't just a mouse.  UGH!  I can't get under there and even if I could find someone who would, I can't afford to pay them.  I have to wait it out.

It's not the first time but it has not happened in the winter before and we have actually had some wintery temperatures in the last week, down in the mid 30's at night.  Unfortunately the smell comes up through the floor vents which means I can't have the central heat on or it brings more stench.  
Here's how to combat 'the stench'.  
Spray copious amounts of Lysol nuetra air so you can get close to the vents.  
Close each vent and cover with Press N Seal and a heavy folded towel, stamp on it to seal properly.  
Burn incense and scented candles continuously, incense seems to work best.
Have a saucepan continually simmering with herbs and lemon juice and orange peels in water.  
If the day gets warm enough, open the windows and use a fan to blow the inside air out.
To keep warm.
Wear layers of clothing.
Simmer water in a large pot or cook a pot of beans (the steam makes it warmer).
Stay close to the one small electric space heater you own.
Keep busy so you stay warmer.
Sleep in your layers of clothes with a quilt and afghan tucked around you.
Take the cat to bed if you don't mind being woke up continually while he gets more comfortable or bathes.
Be grateful you live in Texas in zone 9, be grateful the stench does not extend to your bedroom, be grateful your new car has a great heater, be grateful when it's time to go to work as it's warm there and doesn't smell of dead things.

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HermitJim said...

I just hate it when that happens! Not much you can do about it, that's for sure!

Good luck getting rid of the smell!

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