Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Garden Shots

The weather has been just glorious the past 2 days.  A real Texas style Autumn.  Down to 60 at night and up to 80 during the day.  I've been able to open the windows and not run the a/c.  So nice to have fresh air in the house!
Here's a few photos of what's still blooming in the garden.
A few Mexican petunias, somewhat faded this evening as the flowers only last a day, and a happy black eyed susan vine flower.
The turk's cap got pushed out by the plethora of bee balm I had earlier this summer, those are the dried heads you see, but the red caps have popped out in a couple of spots.
The firecracker plant did very well this year!  Purple hybrid lantana peeking in the background.
I can't remember what these are called but they do well every year no matter the weather.  I have a nice sized bed of it.
Native lantana, not many blooms left and the birds have eaten most of the berries.  If the weather stays mild it may bloom again before winter comes.  This has sprawled everywhere and needs a good cutting back again.
Shamrocks with some sleepy nodding heads since it is nearly dusk.
The purple shamrock never does as well as the green and the heat takes its toll but it springs up every year to try again.
Miss Moochie was busy snacking and couldn't be bothered to face me.
I guess the snack was pretty tasty!
These red wasps have built their nest between the rafters over the porch but have not bothered me as I go in and out, so I have left them alone so far.  If they get ugly that will change.  I have a nest of yellow jackets under the porch so I think I will be getting a trap for them since they are so aggressive. No trouble so far, but I don't want any either.


Debra Spincic said...

Some very familiar looking plants!

Periodically we have to go out and knock off all the mud dabber nests.

Content in a Cottage said...

Angela...A Texas autumn sounds a whole lot better than a Texas summer. I would be nervous about that wasp nest. Knock it down over the winter and RUN.
xo, Rosemary

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