Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Condense/Combine To Save Storage Space

A little picture tutorial on how to save some storage space.  I am showing just one product but think about other items you have that the same principal could apply to.
It's hot and humid here near the Gulf coast for most of the year.  I use powder every day to keep dry and cool and have found that the medicated works best for me.  The big name brand can be pricey so I use the Dollar General brand.
It's sold by weight and settles after the bottle is filled, usually to 1/3 of the bottle.   I buy 2 bottles at a time so I can condense the 2 into 1 to save space in my bathroom cupboard.
Pry the tops off with your fingers, it's easy, then surround one opening tightly with your fingers.  Then you can start dumping the second bottle into the first.  You want to keep the 2 openings nearly together so as not to make a huge mess.  There will be some mess so I suggest either do this outside or lay down a towel first.  You'll probably have to turn the 2nd bottle right side up a time or two in order to get all the powder out.
Now it's almost full but still leaves you some shaking room.  To be frugal you could just add some cornstarch or even some baking soda.  I like cornstarch as it's softer.  You can do this with any powder you like to make it go farther.
And not too much of a mess, but one I'll shake out outside before washing the towel.

Now what else could you condense to save some storage space?  I have often combined different shampoos together, or conditioners.  I once got a great deal on the travel size bottles at a resale shop and just mixed them all together.  Just a spoonful of peanut butter left?  Add it to the new jar you have so the old jar can be recycled or re-used to store something else.  How about jelly or jam?  Add it to the next jar even if they are different flavors, you might find a new combo you love.  Spices, nuts, most any dry foods, laundry soap and so on.

And don't forget to recycle the plastic bottles!

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Michele said...

I knew I had to click on your post because I just did some combining the other day! You see, I recently had to clean out the cupboard under my kitchen sink. There was a LOT of stuff in there... But I needed to add a bucket down there to catch a leak. Luckily, I had several multiples of various things, so I combined a few things, like dishwasher detergent, hand soap, and window cleaner. What a relief it was to throw out the old bottles!

vlad said...

You can make a funnel of the top
three inches of a 2 quart drink bottle.

ladyhawthorne said...

Thanks Vlad! I will make one and life will be easier!

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