Sunday, July 8, 2012

I Love Strawberries But I Don't Like Bonnet Stitch

I love juicy sweet strawberries and since they are in season I have been eating a lot of them.  They are probably my favorite fruit closely followed by raspberries and blackberries.  If I have all three I'm in heaven.
This week's TAST stitch for my embroidery journal was bonnet stitch.  Kind of round on the bottom and pokey on the top.  I thought it would make a good stem for the strawberry drawing.  Then things went horribly wrong.  I stitched and ripped out at least 7 times.  I could not get this to work but I wasn't about to give up.
I finally found a worked example with large enough stitches that I saw where I was going wrong and was finally able to do it right.  
BUT, I don't like how it turned out at all so the border I had planned is missing.  I disliked this stitch that much.  I will never use it again.  I guess everyone has one of those stitches.
In order to have a colorful page I used prismacolor pencils again as I did on the Sonny & Cher page.  
July 3, 1806 is the date that Michael Keens exhibited the first cultivated strawberry in the US.  They had been cultivated in Europe since the 1750's when the first garden strawberry was bred in Brittany France.  Wild strawberries grow most everywhere in the world, even in the Himalayas.
Progress so far on the journal:
There are 4 pages to each section or folio that will be stitched together.  Then each of those folios will be stitched together.  At least that's the plan.

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Content in a Cottage said...

I think it looks nice but ripping it out 7 times could not have been fun. You should try it one more time so it will know that YOU conquered IT and IT did NOT conquer YOU :)

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