Sunday, June 10, 2012

Shisha Mirror Work

This past week was a TAST catch up week.  Since I didn't need to catch up I took the opportunity to try out what others have been playing with at our Tuesday Stitchers group.  Shisha Mirror Work.
This was a fun little project and very freeing since it was so random.  I used some pearl cotton but mostly 6 strands of floss, incorporating lazy daisy, french knot, straight, stem and cross stitches with a silk ribbon bow.  The 'mirrors' are some large gold plastic sequins/spangles that are flat and some heavy scrap book paper with silver, gold and copper finishes.  I actually tacked my mirrors in place first with a couple of regular thread stitches near the edges.  That might be cheating but it made it easier for me and the shisha stitching hid it.

I didn't choose a historical event this week, but in case you would like one... Houston, TX was incorporated in the Republic of Texas on June 5, 1837.  You did know Texas is the only state that was once it's own country, right?

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