Sunday, May 27, 2012

Butterfly Chain Stitch & Pac-Man

Here we are with my embroidery journal page for this past week.  Butterfly chain stitch is pretty easy and looks great too.  Lots of decorative uses for this stitch.  It should technically have had a black background but I didn't have any dark material so I just went with what I had.
The subject is Pac-man, the game was released on May 22 in 1980.  I think pretty much everyone has played this game.
This photo at an angle shows the butterfly chain the best.  If I had had that dark or black background they would have shown up so much better.  White on white gets rather lost.  I did try a color but it just didn't look right.  I used cotton floss on everything but the butterfly chain which is rayon, 2 strand for the bars and 1 strand for the chain.
I added a new page to the blog, link at the top, the links there will take you to all the posts for this TAST 2012 embroidery journal.


Anonymous said...

Can I just tell you how much I LOVE this! :) How creative and fun! Have you found "Sprite Stitch" - she would just LOVE this, do you mind if I tell on you and get it featured? ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, for a link:

ladyhawthorne said...

You can share with anyone, it was fun creating it.

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