Monday, May 21, 2012

More of What's Blooming

Black-eyed Susan Vine, very easy to start from seed, self seeds easily and will bloom in part shade.
Purple and white shamrocks, the purple never does very well and at the first sign of real heat will wither away til cooler temps come back.
Native lantana, has already bloomed and made berries, it will do this over and over all summer and into the fall.  The ripe berries are the only edible part but they are tasteless and I would describe them as a seed with edible covering, I'll let the birds have them.
Texas frogfruit.
Pepper-grass, this one is edible with a peppery taste, the seeds when dry can be used like pepper.  It's in the mustard family.
A red Salvia  hiding amongst the bee balm.
Oxalis, these are edible too.  Pretty pink flowers on this variety.
Looks like a rain lily peeking through the bee balm.
The very weedy end of the front bed, orange cigar plant, purple hybrid lantana and a wild sage/salvia with long purple flowered stalks.  I see some yarrow leaves there too.  
Neighborhood kids mowed and weed whacked yesterday for me so the yard looks more tamed now.

Found 2 good sites with info on edible wild plants:
Eat The Weeds , he's got some great YouTube videos too, very informative.
Merriwether's Guide , excellent source for those of us in Texas and the southwest.

Both these sites have Facebook pages and great color photos of the plants to make identification easier so you don't ingest anything toxic.  Always be sure before you try to eat anything wild.  If you are unsure even a little bit, don't eat it.

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Judy S. said...

Your little red plant is hardy fuschia, at least it looks like my plant. I LOVE black-eyed Susan vine. Had no idea it self sows...sure doesn't seem to here and is hard to find in the nurseries.

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