Thursday, May 31, 2012

Grocery Store Markdowns

I don't normally shop at Kroger, only once in a while because they carry things I can't get at other stores or because they have a good sale on something.  This past weekend I just felt like it was time to go to Kroger but really had no reason why.  I'm glad I did!
I picked up the above items all marked down on clearance.  
I think the best bargain of the lot was the St. John's Wort capsules, 100 for $4.99 (the plastic bottle was dented).  I keep those around to help with the menopausal moods swings.  The other bottle is vitamin E which I was going to need for making my salves anyway.  The flax seed meal was 4.99, $2 less than normal so I thought it was a good deal too.  I don't normally buy pasta roni, but for 49¢ said ok.  The 3 cans are dented which I will only buy if I am using right away and I may actually re-can the pineapple into half pint canning jars.
Since it was a holiday weekend I picked up some things as a treat so I didn't have to cook.
Again, stuff I would normally not buy.  The pasta salad was fabulous, I may make it homemade next time.  The cole slaw salad is pretty good, still working on eating that one.  The potato salad is ok, not my style but not bad.  The hoagie rolls are half gone, made some cajun roast beef sandwiches and a chicken sandwich today with provolone cheese, yum.
Kroger seems to be the only grocery store here that marks things down like this, they even mark down produce but all they had was one pkg of corn on the cob with black mold on the ends, uh, no, I have my limits.
So check your local grocery store for the hidden clearance section.  You may find some bargains too!


EmandaJ said...

I shop Kroger all the time especially for their sales. I call it the scratch and dent shelf!

Judy S. said...

Kroger here is called QFC and it's a nice store...some good bargains and always good quality. I saw that you're already canning GA peaches! Peaches here are late summer, early fall.....and we love 'em. If you freeze stuff, try peaches in orange juice. Works great, tastes great, and is our traditional Christmas Day treat.

ladyhawthorne said...

Freezing is not really an option for me as I only have the freezer above the fridge. Also we lose power for a week at a time when a hurricane comes so I lose everything then. Hence I can stuff. The peaches & orange juice sound good though!

Anonymous said...

Love the markdowns. I look for the them when I go to the store.

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