Saturday, April 21, 2012

Weekend Stuff & Dehydrating

It's the weekend and and a regular 2 day one this week, thank goodness.  Last Saturday I worked to make up for not working Good Friday.  I discovered I really don't like 1 day weekends, but I hate short paychecks more.
So I woke up early and went to Walmart to get the odd stuff I needed that's cheaper there than anywhere else, and they finally had the ink cartridges that fit my printer at about the same price as Office Depot, one less trip.  I don't tend to buy much in food there unless its baking staples, frozen veggies or canned goods as another store has better and cheaper produce and meat.  I did get hamburger at a good price there today, $10.95 for a 5 pound package.
Next I went to Food Fair in New Caney, they have the best produce at the best prices.  How can you beat 15 pounds of potatoes for $2.99?  Didn't need any today but I did get some green peppers at 3/$1 (Walmart's were .99 each) and some baby portobello mushrooms at a decent price.  I'm dehydrating the mushrooms as one person just can't use them up with out them going bad.
This was the last bit on the last tray ready to go.  I have 3 other trays totally full.  Today is a good day to dehydrate as the rain stopped and a cold front came through so it is dry and cool.  YEAH!
Food Fair sends out flyers each week and they have a couple coupons at the top.  One this week was for a 3 liter Ozarka water for 29¢, too bad it was a limit of 1.  
I looked high & low at Walmart for an insulated plastic cup.  All they had were the clear double walled glasses and they were $3.47, yikes.  Food Fair had just what I was looking for at $1.50, I scooped up 2.  Now my water glass won't sweat as warm temps begin.  My old one got cracked...don't ask, it involved a cat.
By the time I got back from the grocery store the trash man had run.  There are always bits & pieces left that they don't pick up but today was a good one!  The next door neighbor had thrown out a 2 liter Coke bottle, hah, another bottle for water storage!  It's soaking in soapy bleach water now.
I'm also photographing more history books for Etsy, those will get listed this week.  
I have 3 boxes to fill with the poet's stuff, he's supposed to come next month to get his stuff since he no longer lives here.  I don't really need to pack it but it will make things faster and easier when he comes to get it.
I will probably make a trip to the thrift store tomorrow searching for canning jars and to donate a couple bags of stuff.  De-cluttering is very soothing even though the house looks a tip, as the English say, while you are in the process.
And I need to finish up my journal page for TAST as I post tomorrow, new time of 3pm here and on Tuesday Stitchers.
And this came this week!
A whole pound of lovely beeswax, I can't tell you how wonderful it smells, better than honey!  I'll be using it to make some salve with my yarrow oil and will have plenty left over for future projects.

Hope your weekend is a great one!


Suztats said...

You've been busy, as usual! Can't believe your prices, as here they are so much higher: green peppers $1.49 per pound! Red and yellow are $2.99/lb!
I have a dehydrator, but it hasn't been used for some time. Maybe I should dig it out......

Debra Spincic said...

Good news about the poet getting his stuff. Hope it really happens.

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