Sunday, April 22, 2012

Geoffrey Chaucer in a French Knot

This week's stitch is the french knot.  I've used this a lot in the past so it was pretty enjoyable, well within my comfort zone.  I did have to consider for a while how to incorporate it in light of the subject matter this week.
On April 17, 1397 the writer Geoffrey Chaucer told his Canterbury Tales for the very first time at the court of English King Richard II.  
My journal page shows Chaucer himself in his medieval garb and with a rosary.  His robe is outlined in french knots and the beads in the rosary are knots too.  The rest is stem stitch.
Those who know me know I love all things medieval.  This blog is named for my home, Canterbury Cottage.  Even one of my cats is named Chaucer although he doesn't write anything unless there are cryptic notes in his kitty puke. (sorry if that's gross but it happens.)

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