Sunday, March 18, 2012

Whipped Wheel Earmuffs

The Whipped Wheel is sometimes called a spider's web.  5 or more spokes with thread woven in a circle through them.
Here's my whipped wheels.  A little hard to see I know but black was the only fuzzy thing I had. 
On March 13, 1887 Chester Greenwood from Farmington, Maine patented his

invention of the earmuffs!   I had a pair of white rabbit fur earmuffs when I was a kid and they do keep your ears toasty. 
The wheels were pretty fun to do.  The black yarn is a very thin black mohair and the other is pearl cotton.  I used regular cotton floss for the words.
I think later I may add some more whipped wheels in white floss as snowflakes.

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Anonymous said...

These are SO creative! Love em!

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