Sunday, February 19, 2012

Detached Chain or Lazy Daisy Stitch Heart

This was a very enjoyable stitching week for me with the detached chain stitch.  It's always been the lazy daisy stitch to me so that's what I titled it on my journal page above.
This past Tuesday having been Valentine's Day, I simply chose a heart shape.  I had also wanted to work with variegated thread as several others in our Tuesday Stitcher's Group had been working with it and it was so very pretty.  I think it has turned out quite nice.
And since several others in our group have shown their work space I took a photo of mine.
Yeah, this is it, 2 x 3½ feet of desk that is mostly taken up by extraneous stuff.  This desk faces into my living room and directly behind me is the dining area, behind me to the right is the kitchen area.  To my left is the sliding glass door that's just a big window for me.  This week it has usually looked like this: 
Lots of rain lately, but the plants are all happy!
I didn't clean up so you see my desk as it usually looks.  Behind the pc screen is the printer on that upper level with a shoe box of stuff, fabric and a basket of more embroidery thread.  A couple of containers with more thread and jewelry components and a stacking tower that holds paper and stuff.  I work on my projects here while something from Netflix plays on the pc. I usually eat here too as it's just me.


jenclair said...

Although I commented over at TS, just want to say again how sweet your heart is.

We've had lots of rain here, too; much needed and appreciated.

Anonymous said...

So, do you actually stitch on that desk? Or somewhere else? I have about 4 areas, but a comfy chair is where I like to stitch the best!!
LOVE your detached chain daisies - so fun and bright!

ladyhawthorne said...

I do my stitching right there, I have a very comfy desk chair and a foot stool.

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