Sunday, February 26, 2012

Chain Stitch and Peace Symbols

The stitch for this week's TAST was chain stitch.  A fairly easy stitch and one that is very useful for outlining and making stems among other things.  I went very simple this week with a plain outlined shape.
Something we are all familiar with, the PEACE symbol.  I used a purple pearl cotton this time and a mossy green for the back-stitched words.  Easy peasy this week, the peace symbol took one evening and the words one more evening.  The biggest thing about chain stitch is to keep your tension even and you can see I had a slight issue with that that I didn't see till I was nearly done with it.  I decided to leave it in to remind myself about that issue.
Tuesday's date of February 21 had several historical happenings I considered and I chose 1958, the date the peace symbol, as we know it now, was originally designed by Gerald Holtom for the British Nuclear Disarmament.  I guess us American kind of took it over for use as an anti-war symbol.  Having been born in 1958 I remember a lot about the Vietnam War and the Cold War.  I also remember having a peace symbol necklace waaaay back in the late 1960's, so this seemed pretty appropriate for my journal.

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Anonymous said...

Love this! So simple!! Your stitching is SO even and clean - very impressive! (needless to say I'm rarely even OR clean - ha ha!).

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