Sunday, January 8, 2012

King Tut in Fly Stitch

This past week was week one of 52 for TAST, Take A Stitch Tuesday.  This is my project for the week and I barely finished it in time for my Sunday morning blog spot at Tuesday Stitchers.  2:20 am to be exact.
The design was pretty detailed and the fly stitch worked well as a filling stitch, especially in the headdress of King Tut.  I used gold metallic thread in outline stitch and some fly stitch.  Metallic thread is definitely not my favorite to work with as it does not lay the same as other threads, it pretty much does what it wants. I also used a small amount of satin stitch.
I really like how the beard turned out as well.  With a long horizontal and a short vertical it gave me the appearance I was looking for.  The original death mask is gold with inlaid gemstones, a truly master work.
At the top of the image is the stitch for the week and at the bottom is the date and description.  The collar would have been more true to the actual look of the mask had I done the stitching more in the style of the headdress, but I wanted to branch out and try something different.  Hopefully it doesn't look too much like a Mexican folk dress.  The only part I'm not happy with is the 2 snakes on the headdress, you can't actually tell what they are.
Tomorrow night we'll get our stitch for next week!

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