Friday, May 13, 2011

We Now Have Pins at Saintly Images!

I had ordered some small pieces of glass to experiment with thinking I might make earrings.  Instead I have come up with these pins.  
The glass is extremely thin, like piece of paper thin.  There are microscope slide covers.  I broke the first one just in smoothing down the copper tape.  So I beefed it up by using 3 pieces of glass on each one.
It works, but I think a more stiff and sturdy backing will be better.  At this point it is thick cardstock.  It works but if I have a stronger back then one piece of glass should be ok.
I'm not soldering as the heat would most likely ruin the papers and probably crack the thin glass.  These will be ok, but I'm still looking for better options.  I want to keep them lightweight, who wants a heavy pin that will pull your blouse or sweater out of sync.
and here's a picture of the simple backs...thanks LW.
If anyone has any ideas, please chime in.
Oh, and the other pins?  On my new page.  If you haven't seen it, please check it out.  You can save all your favorite things you find on the internet and organize them on boards according to subject.  And if you find something you love you can re-pin someone else's pin.  Be warned, however, it is addicting.

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Lord Wellbourne said...

Very, very nice! I like the St Francis. But then, duh, I would wouldn't I? Need to find one of my pseudo patron saint--the Venerable Bede--to wear to my craft shows. :-)

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