Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Perfect Saturday

Today is a perfect Saturday.  The weather is warm in the sun with a wonderful cool breeze blowing through and low humidity...a rarity on the Gulf Coast.  So I am enjoying my afternoon now with some iced tea, no sugar please.  
The photo above shows how I make my tea.  Microwave 4 cups of water for 5 minutes, drop in 2 big Luzianne teabags and one of a variety of flavors, this one is a floral tea Mom sent me.  Steep for 5 minutes and pour over loads of ice.
I only make 4 cups because it gets bitter if it sits too long and I don't drink tea every day, mostly I drink water.
I went thrifting this morning to 3 of my favorite charity shops and 2 garage sales, though neither was in anyone's garage, actually not a garage in sight at either.  One was at a church and the other was at a resale shop.
I picked up this luncheon size plate as it matches my dishes, Old Britain
Castles by Johnson Bros.  If you enlarge it you can see it was originally $20 at some antique store, marked $8 at the charity shop but on sale ½ price today!  Perfect!
At the same place I found this small icon with a French inscription...LW help me out here with a translation!  This will probably go in my etsy shop.  Again ½ price, along with 2 rubber stamps I spent all of $4.75 there.
added: LW says this translates to 'The heart of God is upon the earth'.  Now to find out more on this icon I have never seen before.
At another shop I picked up about a dozen decorating magazines, a paperback book and a triple CD set of 1940's music all on sale ½ price, $3.79 total.
At the 2nd charity shop I went to they were also having a ½ price sale on everything (must have been a get together to decide this) and I really scored big time.  I went looking for pint canning jars but found none anywhere.  What I did find was this...
It is obviously antique, the glass even has those funky bubbles and ripples in it.  Slight water damage to the upper right corner and a couple tiny boo boos, but it is gorgeous.  Sorry for the glare, that's with no flash even.  And He's a good size too, 16 x 20 not including the frame width.  I'm Orthodox, not Catholic, but I just love the religious artwork, especially the really old pieces.  How much was he?  
Talk about a perfect day, even better than the day I found the large framed icon of the Theotokos here .  I think I paid $5 for that one.


Lord Wellbourne said...

Lucky you! Excellent finds in the Happy Hunting Grounds! I can't make out the inscription even with a magnifying glass. If you write it out for me I can probably help.

Too funny...the word verification is sanste which in French, sans te means without tea and there you are with four cups! Go figure.

Debra Spincic said...

You really, really did well! I wish I had gotten there first!

Joey said...

That is exactly how I make my tea...

Your finds are wonderful! My favorite is the plate. I collect different plates.

I really like your blog. I'll have to visit your Etsy shop.


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