Friday, April 8, 2011

DIY Before & After Projects

If you are like me then you love DIY projects.  And you must therefore love looking at the before & after photos of said projects.  Especially if they are other people's handiwork that give you plenty of inspiration for your own needs.  
I have found a blog today that has me enthralled.  Post after post of before & after shots of all sorts of projects.  From a 20 minute spray paint a lamp to full room rip outs and redos.  I think I'm tired now and I only caught up with all of 2011's posts!
I am pretty open minded about this kind of thing and I have to say I believe that 98% of the afters are much better than the befores.  I can overlooks colors & fabrics that I personally would not use and see the improvement over the crappy old thing it used to be.  I really do like painted furniture too, just sometimes there is nothing wrong with the wood.  One piece in particular almost made me cry.  The furniture was gorgeous and only needed a good cleaning and polish.  The after was nicely done but it was painted....a very garish bright yellow.   Not my favorite color but I would not have liked it in any color as the wood was so beautiful to begin with.  
Ah, well, in another 75 years someone will be stripping back down to the wood.
So if you want lots of ideas and eye candy then visit here: Better After and enjoy.  Be warned, visit the potty and grab your iced tea first, you'll be there a while.  It's addicting.


Lord Wellbourne said...

Is the photo something you did? It looks neat but it doesn't seem quite 'you'?

ladyhawthorne said...

No, not something I did, it's one of the fun things on the Better After blog. Most posts are on painting furniture or kitchen & bath redos but I like the creativity she has found across the internet.

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