Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Pendants at Saintly Images!

I have been working on pendants again since I have sold so many.  Its hard when you work full time to get a lot done, but I keep plugging away at it.
This one is Helen the mother of St Constantine.  She went on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and found the true cross, brought it back to Constantinople with her.
This was an interesting icon I found, one of the Theotokos in armor.  I thought it would be excellent for the soldiers who work so hard to protect our freedom.
A lovely image of St Therese of Liseaux.
St Patrick with a medal showing St Brigid on this side....
...and St Brigid on the flip side with the medal showing St Patrick.
I just love this old world type icon.
This one is St Damien who worked with the lepers in Hawaii. 
I tried out some round glass pieces, not sure I will make more than the 5 that I did. Ends up rather pricey and very fiddly to work with as the glass is not flat.
I am also making some more 1½" x 2" pocket icons since I only had one left.  These are perfect for a pocket or a purse.
Have to have St Francis, he's my most popular.  All the pendants can be worn 2 ways as the flip side has another image.  The medal attached here has St Francis on the other side while the pendant has St Clare.
I really enjoy working on these pendants, more than the ones with art work from past ages in them.  I know that the icon will mean something to the person who receives it, maybe it will give them focus, help them to meditate and pray and help them to find some peace.  We need more peace in our world.
Come visit my Etsy shop to see more as I add them each day.  A link is in the right side column.  If you are looking for a particular saint and don't find one in my shop, please contact me and I can make a custom piece.

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Griselda said...

I so love your Icons...they bring back so many childhood memories for me.
Thanks for visiting my blog.
Wishing for you a very creative day.

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