Friday, August 13, 2010


Patience is a virtue.
There's a song by King's X that completes that thought with the line "but she won't always wait."
Another blog I was reading was talking about patience  and I was reminded of several things....
In the evangelical church I attended many years ago, people (usually young mothers) often said "I just need more patience."  Well, those with more experience would say "Never pray for patience."  Why you ask, if one needs it so badly?  Because the only way to get it is to work through trials and tribulations.
We all have them and hopefully we all learn a little patience.
The other thing I was reminded of was the coat of arms I created for myself and the motto I chose: 'Expectans Expectavi'  I hope the latin is correct, if so it should read 'patiently I wait'
ummmmm, I may not be so good at that, but I try.


Lord Wellbourne said...

Uh.....excuse me but, anyone who could share an un-air-conditioned house with me for over three years has a pretty heapin' helpin' of patience. Don't knock yourself, Darlin', neither of us deal well with stupidity but we're good and patient with just about everything else.

ladyhawthorne said...

And with no a/c once again I'm being patient until I can afford another window unit big enough for the 'great room'. Now if the car will just stop needing repairs..........

Medieval Muse said...

The virtue of patience seems to have a sister in endurance, don't you think? Sorry about your AC woes especially during such a brutally hot summer.

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