Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Bracelet Project is a Success!

OK, here's the new project!  I have always been fascinated by runes, in fact I used to write in elvish script quite often (phonetically).
These 2 bracelets are for friends, the runes spell out their names phonetically.
This one spells out PEACE, and I chose blue because it is such a peaceful color.
This one spells out SERENITY.  The beads on this one are amber.
I chose to use natural material (although the abalone shell is dyed green, but at least its a color in nature) because I thought it fit well with runes.  In case you didn't know, runes were used by ancient peoples around the year 1000, mostly in the Scandinavian area.  Think Vikings.
I have some more ideas involving runes, but as I said in a previous post, I need a different kind of clay so they won't break.  I actually painted these because white clay was what I had to start with.  I though they would look like bone, but they just looked unfinished, so out came the paint.  Then I sealed them with a matte finish.
I am going to offer the peace & serenity bracelets in my Etsy shop and note that special orders are welcome for names or particular words or even particular symbols.

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Barbara Cheeseman said...

These are lovely, LH, the colours and shapes. And I like the runes. Once did a design research project on historical and world aphabets. The shapes are so interesting. Thank you for commenting on my blog!

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