Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Come into the Garden

The Resident Poet has been busy snapping pictures of the garden again.  The bee balm has gone wild this year.
Such a pretty lavender color.
The yarrow has also had a bumper crop of blooms.
I have put a lot to good use.  I stuffed a gorgeous blue gin bottle full of the blossoms and poured some cheap gin over them till the bottle was full.
It has been sitting on the counter for several weeks now.  It is now antiseptic wash with healing properties thanks to the yarrow.  Yarrow has been much used for poultices to heal wounds.
The hydrangea I started last year by breaking off limbs and poking them into the ground.  They are so easy.
Summery day lillies.
A rain lily.  I love the yellow against the pink.
This is a wild thing most folks pull up.  The flower is about 1/4 inch in diameter, and how about those alternating pink and yellow centers?
The rosemary is blooming again and needs to be trimmed again.  It is obviously very happy.
Even the neighbor's mostly neglected pot is blooming.  (The good neighbor)
Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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Von said...

Very pretty!

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