Saturday, May 8, 2010

More Jewelry for Sale on Ebay

Here's some of the jewelry I have listed on Ebay now
I have a little extra incentive as well....$1000 of car repairs this week.
I know what I make on Ebay won't cover it all, but every little bit helps.  I have 6 months to pay it off and I can do that on my income if there are no burps or hiccups and we are very very careful with the spending.
Hopefully Ebay will help pay off this debt.  Wish me luck!


June said...

I will not only wish you luck, I'll take a close look at that first pair of earrings...I've looked under silver artisan earrings and can't fine them!
Where are they?

June said...'s a pendant, not earrings.
I will go look again.

ladyhawthorne said...

June you may want to look on etsy for some handcrafted earrings, there are some talented silversmiths and jewelry designers there

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