Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Texas Wildflowers

Here are some photos the resident poet took last week on his trip to Waco.  Most are wildflowers.  These above are a type of rain lily, so called because they bloom after a good rain has soaked the ground.  They can bloom all year round here.
I don't know what these are, the blooms are very waxy looking.
Cedar trees, you can see more flowers in the background.
The spiderwort in my garden grows about 2 feet tall, this is a low growing type.
Some nearly white dianthus aka Sweet William, or if you are very medieval, gillyflowers!
And pansies, aka heart's ease.
Hope you enjoyed a little Springtime color.


Amy said...

Love your photos. I love my first Spring here in Texas. It is so pretty.

Have a wonderful day.

June said...

Hearts ease!
So I DO know what those flowers are that I've read about it in historical novels! I would have thought Sweet William was a lot "newer" than that!

BTW, where's The Mainiac????

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