Sunday, January 31, 2010

More Canning & Thrifting

 I have been working in the kitchen yesterday and today.  Yesterday I thawed out the 4 large plastic containers of beef and turkey broth that were in the freezer, skimmed off the fat and decided to put it all together for a mixed broth.  Then I canned it in jars for the cupboard.  Since we live in a hurricane area and lose power for a week at a time when one blows through, I am tired of losing everything in my freezer and have started to can it all.  I now have 4 beautiful quarts of broth ready for soup making!
Friday night I opened a quart jar of the meatballs a quart of the spaghetti sauce I canned, mmmmm yumm!  That was the crockpot spaghetti sauce and if you have never tried it, I encourage you to do so, it is wonderful.
Yesterday started with a trip to the post office and to drop off the recycling.  Then I just had to  visit my 3 closest thrift shops, they were calling my name!  AABY (animals always believe in you) is an animal charity and I found a gorgeous old icon of the
Theotokos and child, 

some lovely blue yarn, books of course and a flatbed scanner for work which I sincerely hope will work for us. We are needing another and the newer scanner/printer combos do not work well for scanning a coin inside a plastic holder.  Only a good flatbed scanner will do it.  Keep your fingers crossed this one works well as the price was only $5.  I can return it if it doesn't work though, so no loss there.  It would just mean I have to search a mega store for one instead, yuck.
The second shop ACTS which is another animal charity didn't have a thing.  I don't go there as often as they charge a bit much.  The 3rd shop Family Time helps battered women and I always find lots there.  This time I picked up 3 GI Joes to turn into historical personages (.75 each), a wonderful rag rug that only needed a good washing for $2, and Lord Wellbourne will be jealous because I got a bag full of various pearl and crystal beads!  A couple of other sundries and only spent about $12 total.
Today I cleaned out the pantry and re-organized it, now I can find what we have and made more room for more canned goods.  Sadly I was not able to grocery shop this morning when I prefer to because my paycheck won't be deposited until tomorrow.  I will go tomorrow night I guess. :-(


Von said...

Busy and beautiful!

Lord Wellbourne said...

Pearls and crystal beads---I'm salivating!! They NEVER had beads when I went there. But I did often find yards of lace trim and several square feet of Battenberg so I won't think too harshly of them.

Beautiful Icon--how big is it? It looks large from the photo.

* said...

The icon is about 20 " long and judging from the paper backing, it is probably at least 40 years old, maybe more. Of course I had to have it. Oh, and Family Time still has more beads, the triangle kind that stack in red and green, tons of them. I think someone used to make Christmas ornaments and judging from the 1/2 finished piece, they made little wreaths from the triangle beads.

stitchinfiend said...

Sound like you had some wonderful finds. I hope the scanner works for you.

diamondc said...

Oh my gosh I am so tired you did a lot yesterday, I am off today and came across your blog I am hooked, I live in the great state of Minnesota and we have lots of second hand and thrift stores, since I was a little girl I have shopped second hand.
I have to wear suits to work, I am able to find many great designer labels for just a few bucks.
I shall be following you thank-you for a very pretty site.

ladyhawthorne said...

Thanks for all the great comments and welcome diamondc. I am sorry to say the printer did not work, it was more a problem with the old computer than anything, oh, well.

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