Tuesday, July 10, 2018

I was having trouble seeing to cross stitch on linen.  I got some 3.25 readers but it was still too difficult.  The aida cloth is much easier to work on than the linen.  I think the issue is not just my eyes but also the gray threads against the beige fabric.  But if I get enough light on it, I can now see it.
This is the pattern I'm using for a cross stitch of my cat that just passed away of old age.  It looks just like him.

Just so you know, the darkest area is the cat's nose.  You can see how the lightest gray kind of blends in with the fabric which is actually a beige color.

I also repaired some holes in the back of a favorite shirt for my sweetheart.
The front of the shirt has a fish in these colors so I added one to the back to cover the holes.  The fins are a bit wonky but it was too small to applique it any better,

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