Sunday, August 13, 2017

Don't Know What to Draw? Try Zentangles

Sometimes I wasn't sure of how to express what the words were saying.  Then I fell back on doodles, or what is now known as Zentangles.  It was a fairly mindless way to decorate the page while I was paying attention to the sermons.

As usual, I used an extra fine ballpoint pen and colored the design with prismacolor colored pencils.  I outlined the box with gold metallic pen.

Remember this was done about 25-30 years ago and the range of art supplies I could afford and what were available to me were limited.  I also worked on these in church during the hour long sermons so it had to be quiet and not messy.

If your children have trouble staying still during church, why not let them make drawings of what they hear or see, even in a blank journal.  Lots of people are like me and need something to keep their hands busy or they don't take anything into head, we're called visual learners now.

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