Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sunday Bible Journaling ~ Gospel of Mark Frontispiece

facing pages

These 2 pages face each other at the beginning of Mark.  I had originally, years ago glued in a picture on the title page (the bottom photo) and decided I didn't really like it.  In trying to remove it I damaged the page pretty badly.

I covered the damaged area with a piece of scrapbook paper from Goodwill and covered the edges with some washi tape from Dollar Tree.  At some point I will create an illustration for this page with the book name. 

That left the facing page had a chart I didn't find very inspiring.  So I covered it with some more of that paper and printed out an icon of St Mark.  My scan does not show it well, but his halo is colored with metallic gold pen.  It matches the gold tone in the background paper.

Just some more ideas to try and to let you know you can find art supplies nearly anywhere.

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