Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sunday Bible Journaling ~ Open Work Pattern

Facing pages in the book of Matthew.  

A simple open work swirl pattern, drawn with ballpoint pen and colored intensely  with prismacolor colored pencils.  By colored intensely I mean I start coloring lightly and when I have the color that I want, then I go over it and press harder.  Then I use a tissue on my finger or you can use a blending pencil to rub out all the coloring lines to make a uniform smoothness of color.

To start this kind of pattern, just doodle on a scrap paper to get the feel of it.  Make one swirl or leaf, teardrop or heart.  Then leave a space and follow the line of one side of your shape, adding a connecting side to it.  Generally you will end up with two pointed end unless you are making a leaf or blob shaped end.  There are no rules, just go with the flow.  Soon you can draw it without thinking too much about it.  

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