Wednesday, November 16, 2016

My Review of Elmer's Tape Runners

I use Elmer's brand tape runners in my crafting and they work wonderfully well.  They are not expensive and neither are the refills.  

My only complaint is that as the tape gets close to running out you sometimes have to help it roll by running it forward a bit.  That's minor so I can say I am very well pleased with these.  I have tried other generic type tapes and they do not perform as well.
I needed some more refills today and saw these two options.  Same size, same price only one is dots while the other is solid tape.  But I also saw that the dispenser marketed with the dot runner is blue instead of the orange for the tape runner.  They looked to be the same size though and were the same price(there were 2 rolls in the dot runner as well).
This is my tape runner with a dot runner refill in it.  Can you see the slightly darker mark to the right of center on the paper?  That's the dot runner tape and it works perfectly fine in the orange dispenser.  So they are interchangeable.  I guess you can have a blue one so you know the difference if you are using both kinds or if you just like blue better than orange.

Orange & blue were my high school colors, they are opposites on the color wheel and as such they are complimentary colors.  I'm just full of weird trivia like that!


lotta joy said...

My drawer of tape runners runneth over with Elmers. But I just couldn't bond with it. Pun intended. It always seemed to snap while I still had lots of tape left inside.

ladyhawthorne said...

Wow, I never had that least not yet.

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