Friday, July 1, 2016

Are You A Concert Attendee?

With a long holiday weekend I bet many lots of folks are going to concerts of one sort or another.  I just read yesterday that Willie Nelson is having his usual July 4th bash...wish I could go, I love Willie.

I was thinking last night of all the concerts I've been to see.  There are quite a few and very eclectic too.

The first concert I remember going to was when I was about 4, my parents, grandparents and I went to see the great Satchmo.

As a child I went with my Mom to see country singers like Marty Robbins and  Little Jimmy Dickens and even Pat Boone. 

As a teen I won tickets to see Harry Chapin, a great show as he was alone with an acoustic guitar.  I saw Tanya Tucker before she became a big country star.  And I've seen John Denver in concert twice.  The town I grew up in had an annual rodeo and there I saw Roy Rogers & Dale Evans as well as Michael Landon, did you even know he could sing?  Quite well as a matter of fact.

A friend & I went to see Dizzy Gillespie in a small nightclub in Houston.  In that same club I saw sax player Richard Eliot twice and a third time elsewhere.  I saw Chicago at the Houston Rodeo years ago and a friend invited me and my roommate to go see Trans-Siberian Orchestra, wow, what a show.

I've seen the B52's and Oingo Boingo.  I have friends in bands so I have been to many concerts of King's X, Galactic Cowboys, Arkangel, Love in Grey, The Awful Truth, Radio Halo and Atomic Opera.

Some of my friends had local bands that played around Houston and some are still actively doing so.  A group of us went most every weekend and danced all night.  I wish I still could.

For years I went to the Texas Renaissance Festival and have many friends there and of course enjoyed lots of great musicians, especially the late Owain Phyfe.  No one can sing a love song like he could. 

Well I told you I had eclectic taste in it's your turn, what concerts have you been to see?

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