Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sunday Bible Journaling ~ Stone Walls

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An interpretation of Asa's walls with gates.  Reminding us that the Lord protects us like a strong wall.

This drawing was done with a very fine point black ball point pen, they were my favorite pens back in the 1990's, and is colored in with prismacolor pencils.  The colors are layered with a light touch, using blues, grays and browns.

The scripture highlight is outlined in gold metallic pen and colored with prismacolor.

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lotta joy said...

Having spent too much time in a Baptist Theological Seminary, I no longer do much with my bible besides use it to prop open the door. But the art work makes it look incredible! I'm also in the process of checking out your other blogs and, right off the bat, I've been making the same "CREAM OF EVERYTHING" soup for years. I even made a post with a video of me dry canning it.

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