Monday, April 18, 2016

My Favorite Blogs List & YouTube Channels

I've added a list of my favorite blogs.  You will find it in the right side bar as you scroll toward the bottom.

Some of these are old favorites, some are newer finds.

A variety of topics from gardening, crafts, history, religion, preparedness, decorating, funny stories and life in general.  I invite you take a look, learn something new, make a new blog friend.

Just below my Favorite Blogs list you will find my Favorite YouTube Channels list.  I really enjoy channels I can learn something from and you will definitely find that in this list.

Also there is a link to Tuesday Stitchers in the side bar along with my other 2 blogs.  Tuesday Stitchers is a small group of ladies that do various needlework and we get together virtually every Tuesday.  Always something lovely to see and inspire.

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