Friday, January 30, 2015

Who Needs A Zoo?

We went for a drive to a neighboring town today and some of the sights we saw were...
...sheep and burros along with several types of cattle, goats and horses.
Of course there were dogs.
Sadly some demised animals such as skunks and raccoon.
But we also saw...
4 buffalo.
Some zebras sharing a pasture with...
I saw some llamas too.
In past drives I have seen deer, turkeys, a roadrunner, miniature ponies, alpacas, lots of cats, turtles crossing the road, squirrels, opossum, armadillo and hawks of several kinds.
In our yard there have been albino hawks, a rattlesnake on my welcome mat (definitely not welcome), birds of myriad species, spiders of various kinds, butterflies galore, hummingbird moths, bees, wasps, true geckos (not the Geico kind which are really anole lizards) worm snakes, garden snakes, a plethora of bugs I don't know, field mice and though I haven't seen one yet, I've been told scorpians too.

With all this, who needs to go to the zoo?

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