Saturday, September 6, 2014

Change of Seasons

This morning was lovely with the temperature below has been still hitting over 100 everyday.  So I decided a new look for the blog to go with the change of seasons.  The header is, of course, not my house.   But I can pretend.

I did work this morning adding 4 bags of compost to the old bean bed as I am getting ready to plant some potatoes.  We have enough time here for that.  I also found 2 lovely yellow tomatoes that the grasshoppers had not gotten to yet and another okra pod just the right size.
Okra is a strange and beautiful plant with hibiscus type flowers.  The pods however can easily hide and I now have about 6 of them that are over 8 inches long.  I am letting them grow and dry on the plant to harvest for seed.  Okra pods have to be small in order to eat them, otherwise they are like wood, too hard to even cut.
I hope it is a beautiful weekend for you where ever you are!

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Suztats said...

That's a pretty flower! Good luck with your potato crop. Here it's getting too cool to plant another crop. I have my second sewing of peas coming through, but they are growing slowly....we might get frost before I get any peas......

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