Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Embellished Purse Project

I was needing a new purse, I usually only have 1 or 2.  I looked at all the resale and thrift stores and didn't find anything.  I'm a bit picky, it has to be a shoulder bag, it has to not be heavy to start with, it need 2 or 3 sections and an outside pocket for keys.

Found some that fit the bill at Walmart and I had a choice of 3 fabrics.  Blue jean, jean look with flowers or black.  Only the blue jean one seemed to be made of a strong enough fabric to hold up for a good length of time so I went with it.

I wanted to make mine be different from anyone else's so I decided to embellish it.
I started with a pale yellow piece cut from a doily that was past repair.  Then tucked under the raw ends and stitched it down with a matching thread.  Hmmmm, that looks like a peacock's tail....so the embroidery began.  Beads and such will be added eventually and I may add more embroidery, we'll see.

This is how much was finished in a week and a half, it's hard to embroider on the pocket flap as it is several layers thick with a stiffener in it.

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Linda said...

That's pretty. I made denim purses long ago. But, I never carried any I made.

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