Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My New Favorite Thing

This is my new favorite thing in my new room.  This old craftsman style cabinet has been in the family for many years, made of oak and one of the few pieces of furniture I was able to keep.  Inside is the family collection of quilts.  

There are a few odd things on the top shelf and 3 vintage rag rugs just below.  Next is the quilt my grandmother made for me in the early 1970's.  Then 2 quilts made in in the 30's or 40's, one is a double wedding ring.  The dark purple is one Mom made some years back for me.

The orange one is a flower garden made by my Mom and Nana in the late 1930's and into the 1940's.  It's quilted inside each hexagon.  The applique butterfly quilt is one Grandma made for Dad when he was born, made of feed sack material.

The light purple one with a star pattern and the pinkish one were probably made in the 30's as well.  All are well used and most will not be used on the bed again as the fabrics are fragile.  The bottom stripe is one of those thick felted blankets from Mexico, very warm.

I've seen cupboards filled with quilts like this before and really liked them.  Most of these quilts have been in the closet for years so it's nice to see them every day.  


Darla Mae said...

Wonderful! It looks so pretty!

Debra Spincic said...

Lovely cabinet and extra special with the family quilts!

Judy S. said...

What a great use for a beautiful cabinet! Don't you wish these pieces could talk?

HermitJim said...

My mom is really big on quilts. She loves doing them, but can't any wore due to her tremors!

Mum said...

Great to have them out all on show.
Love from Mum

Cyra said...

Such beautiful treasured memories all stitched with love.
I hope you have photographed them in their entirety and archived it for posterity.

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