Friday, November 22, 2013

Baby Girl

This is Baby Girl.  At least that's what I call her now that she has decided to live here.  The next door neighbor that she supposedly belongs to named her Buttercup but it doesn't fit her at all.  This is her preferred way to drink water and she will let you know very loudly when she wants it turned on.

That's the sink in my bath and I have plans to paint it.  I read a review of an epoxy paint that was good and has held up to everyday use for several years.  I'm thinking nice clean white will be an excellent choice.  As you can see I am changing out the gold towel bars for silver to match everything else.  The guy that built this bedroom/bath used whatever he could get for free or cheap.  It functions but there is only so much ugly I can handle and the variegated light blue sculptured carpet with all its stains is my limit. (Only because I can't afford to replace it.)
She's done drinking now, I can turn the dribble of water off.


Mum said...

One of our cats likes to drink from a dripping tap and the other likes the bowl filled a little with water so he can lap it up! We oblige, of course!
Love from Mum

Judy S. said...

One very lucky kitty! Our best cat, now deceased, was a neighbor's reject. Enjoy Baby Girl!

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