Saturday, June 1, 2013

Fun With the FoodSaver

A while back I picked up an older model FoodSaver at the thrift shop for $2.  I used it to seal some mylar bags (with oxygen absorbers) of oatmeal and rice I had gotten on sale.
I recently found some Bob's Red Mill and Arrowhead Mills flours as well as some masa, wheat and unbleached flours marked way down at the discount grocery I frequent and I sealed the small bags in plastic that came on a roll.  
The larger bags of flour I transferred to quart jars and got to try out the jar sealers I bought a week ago on Ebay.  This was rather fun watching the plastic bags shrink down as the air was sucked out.
The flours from the larger bags each filled 4 quart jars and it could not have been easier.

These will be kept in the bottom of the refrigerator to help keep them fresh as I don't have a separate freezer.  

While the FoodSavers are rather pricey at nearly $100 to $175 depending on model, I highly recommend getting one.  The jar sealer attachments average about $10-12 and the roll of plastic I got which can be cut to size was about $8.99 at Walmart.  Keep checking your local thrift shops to see if anyone has donated one, they are much more affordable that way.  Also you can save your used canning lids if they are not bent for sealing stuff in jars rather than throwing them out.

I spent $24 for equipment and $8.99 for the plastic bag roll, 1 box of jar lids as I had no used ones $2.37, a pretty good investment for something I can use over and over.  The plastic bags like the mylar bags can be re-used, they will just be smaller.  The FoodSaver will also come in handy for sealing things I want to freeze.

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Suztats said...

I've had one of these for years and used it all the time for freezing and sealing foodstuffs. They worked great for freezing my fruitcakes and breads, and were nice for adding a double seal for meats. I used them to pack food for picnics and lunch boxes, as they take up much less room with all the air sucked out. It is fun to watch the process.

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