Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Little Garden in Buckets

You may need to click on the photo to see it better but here are my 3 tomato plants.  The larger and darker green one is a Cherokee Purple and it has 2 tomatoes so far with lots of blooms.  The other 2 are German Johnsons and they are pretty spindly with few leaves and few blooms.  Maybe they will do better as it gets hotter?  
I put boxes around the baby tomatoes so you could find them.  I am going to give all the plants another drink of compost tea this weekend and see if that helps them out.  They had one 2 weeks ago and it helped a lot.
The bell peppers are short and stocky plants but loaded with peppers and blooms.  These are yellow bell peppers, I have 3 of them.
I had one I was going to pick tonight as it was yellow and as you can see some bug or snail has beat me to it.  I went ahead and picked this one that had a spot on it even though it was still green.  It's pretty tasty but would be sweeter if it were fully ripe and yellow.
  The Mexican peppers are doing very well and nothing has bothered them at all.  I'll be picking this weekend!
A complete failure were the radishes.  They bolted with the hot cold hot cold hot weather and just became woody roots.  I have more seeds, I will try some maybe in the fall.
I think it's time to prune back the rosemary, don't you agree?  The birds never use this bird bath but the cats occasionally drink out of it.
And due to transmission issues that the dealership could not correct, my Focus was traded in for an Escape.  I'm really liking it, it is considered a truck and has more power, gas mileage is pretty good as well.


Debra Spincic said...

Must be something going on over there in Porter! Brent's radishes were hot as blazes. His garden is in west Houston. Our tomatoes are doing really well & we are in north Houston. We have Early Girl in pots too. All our garden is in posts; Brent's is in the ground with really good compost dirt. Next year we are going to do raised beds. Do you have room for raised beds? We just have one area that would get enough sun since most of our backyard is in shade.

Deborah McLaughlin said...

My whole yard is too shady to grow anything and I really hate it. I would love to grow tomatoes, but I'd have to plant them on the side of the road. Come to think of it, maybe I will dig up the rose bushes at the mail box and replace them with tomatoes.

ladyhawthorne said...

No room for more raised beds really, they have flowers and herbs in them. And my yard is mostly shady. Only the front gets sun and that is in the afternoon. Not the best situation for vegetables but it is what it is.

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