Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Bit of Stitching

I finally got started on a little bit of stitching on St John's robes. 
Here's a shot of this area before I started so you can see I really did do something.
Here's a little Orthodox history on St John the Evangelist, Apostle and Theologian.
The Orthodox church commemorates St John on May 8 because of the annual pilgrimage to his grave.
When St John was more than one hundred years old, he took seven of his disciples and went to a spot outside the city of Ephesus. There he told them to dig a grave in the form of a cross. Then he climbed into the grave and told his disciples to cover him with earth. Later, the grave was opened and the saint’s body was not there.
Each year on May 8 a red dust would arise from the grave which the faithful collected in order to be healed of their illnesses.
St John’s main Feast is on September 26.

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Anonymous said...

What an interesting story! He was the disciple who asked to tarry until the Lord's second coming, wasn't he? I've not heard this story about his burial before.

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