Sunday, December 16, 2012

Berry Stitch Roman Headband

I was totally under-whelmed by the Berry Stitch.  It does have it's uses but I'm not impressed with it.  It was easy and quick though, a definite plus with Christmas upon us.
I managed to finish the page even though pressed for time as my parents are coming to visit and there is sooooo very much to do to get ready.  As my English friends say, the house is a tip!
The berry stitch was used for Julian's headband and the large circle at the front of it, 2 strands cotton floss except for the large circle which was 6 strands.

This image is from a coin struck during his reign.  If you like ironies you will enjoy knowing that Julian was the last emperor in the first Christian dynasty which began with Constantine.  Sadly, Julian was called 'the apostate' because he rejected Christianity.  Apparently he was a fairly good ruler and he was the last non-Christian ruler for the Roman Empire.   

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