Sunday, October 14, 2012

The 10 Missing Days of 1582

If you think the time change each Spring and Fall is hard to adjust to then try losing 10 whole days out of your year!
This week's stitch (Knotted Loop Stitch) is really more for borders though it does make nice leaves.  It just didn't fit with anything I found in history for the day.  Or should I say the missing day?  One of 10 missing days to be exact for the year of 1582 in several European countries.
Switching from the Julian calendar with it's errors to the Gregorian one we use today caused some major revisions to some folk's month of October.  
So here's my stitch and there's not a lot of it, but enough to see what it looks like.   I do like the variegated purple floss against the yellow aida cloth, nice and cheerful.
Different countries chose to switch to the Gregorian calendar at different times.  I wonder how those paychecks back then were worked out?

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