Saturday, August 25, 2012

DIY Simple Custom Labels

After all the chicken and broth canning I also canned up some fruit juice.  This is juice from containers from the grocery store but was nearly out of date or already past date I had bought on sale.  Raspberry and black currant.
And apple cider.  
You can easily can up foods (and juices) that have previously been canned or bottled for a longer shelf life.  Some veggies and fruit will have a mushier texture though, not a problem with juices.  I could have made jelly or syrup but I rarely use those so I just canned it up straight to use in my smoothie making.

While waiting for the pressure canner to do it's thing I was a bit busy on another project.  I made labels for some re-purposed non-canning jars.
I used some left over wall paper and scrapbooking paper, a sharpie marker, white glue and peel off labels (the kind I use for shipping labels).
Sorry, I forgot to take photos of the messy part.  I used white glue thinly applied to the back of the paper and pasted it down on the label.  You could use spray adhesive too.  Then I drew circles the right size for the jar lids.
I used one of these templates but you could just draw around anything circular including the jar lid itself.  I wanted my labels slightly smaller as the lids had indentions.
Wait for the glue to dry well or else they are a pain to use.  I found it easier to write on the label before cutting it out.
When you cut it out leave a tab to make it easier to peel the backing off.  (The shredded potatoes are some I dehydrated).
Once you peel the back off then trim off the tab and stick your label down.  I had one that might get wet while opening or closing so I coated the label and just past the edges with clear nail polish.

Great ways to save food or drink before it goes bad and to re-purpose jars and paper that might normally get thrown away.

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