Sunday, August 5, 2012

Algerian Eye Stitch Stars

Algerian Eye Stitch sounds pretty exotic but its really easy and works best on even weave fabric, especially aida cloth.  It can be worked in rows or as framing, as a fill stitch or as random accents as I've used it here.
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Since most of my journal pages are aida cloth it worked great for this week, especially as I found the cross stitch chart for free online.  Gryffindor colors are scarlet and gold so I used 2 strands dark scarlet floss for the cross stitch of 'Harry Potter', and the lettering.  A golden yellow thin pearl cotton was used for the 
Algerian eyes.  
I found it interesting that JK Rowling gave Harry her own birthday, albeit a different year.  Maybe he is her alter ego?  But who doesn't love Harry Potter?  I think the Algerian eye stitch stars make this page look rather magical!

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