Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tennessee in Oyster Stitch

Or at least outlined in oyster stitch.
Oyster stitch was another fiddly stitch but I like how it looks, I can see many uses and designs for this one.  I used 3 strands of cotton floss but pearl cotton would have been a better choice.  Since I am using what I have without buying anything else, it will have to do.
click the pic to see it larger
My history for this week: July 24, 1866 was the day that Tennessee was re-admitted to the Union after the Civil War, the first state to be re-admitted.  That may have something to do with TN being a state that was split over loyalties, literally brother fought brother, one in blue and one in gray.  My father's family is from the northeast corner of TN and my ancestors fought for the North.  My mother's family is from the southwest corner of VA that you see in the embroidery and those ancestors fought for the South. 
my gt grandfather Amos McClain
I have been working on family genealogy for over 25 years and it is a never ending puzzle and challenge.  I have farmers and laborers galore in my tree along with at least one slave owner, a couple of blacksmiths, a roofer from Switzerland and the owner of the first ordinary (tavern) in Plymouth.  One line does go back to some nobles in England and if the histories I have found are true I even have a couple of saints and some royalty - even if it is descended from the wrong side of the sheets.  
Then there is that troubling brick wall that no one seems to be able to get past on the McClain side.  My ggg grandfather just will not be found, poor Henry, he might be lost forever.

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Purl Buttons said...

Did you try variant spellings? MacLane, MacLean, etc? No doubt you have if you have been at this long.

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