Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rainy Days and Flooded Riverbanks

We've had rain every day this week and Wednesday night it down-poured all night with thunderstorms.  I'm not complaining as we certainly needed the rain after last year's drought.  The above photo is the San Jacinto River near I-45.  I couldn't find one of it near me and didn't have my camera to take a photo on the way home.  It would have been dangerous anyway while driving and I did not want to take my car to somewhere where it might get stuck just for a you get a somewhat local shot from the newspaper.
My home is about 5 miles from the river so no worries for me even though the river has expanded beyond it's banks.  After the last major flood where some houses in low lying areas were covered by flood water, FEMA declared those areas uninhabitable.  I've never understood why someone would build a house right on the river when it is known to flood every so often, especially now when there is a dam upstream that they sometime need to let the water out of. 

Here are 2 local photos taken by a friend of the river in calmer days.

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