Sunday, June 17, 2012

Buttonhole Wheels, Sonny & Cher, Prismacolors on Fabric

Buttonhole wheels can be done in a variety of ways from whole wheels to half or quarter wheels.  Put them together in different ways as you can see here for different effects.  
I chose to use them as a lacy doily effect in a border for a round image.  I was watching a program as I sewed and my stitches got progressively wider.  I've got to either pay more attention or measure out and mark.  I'm not usually one for marking so I guess I need to pay more attention!  I did make a pencil line for the half circles using a thread spool or they would have all been different sizes.
My event from history this week was the debut of Sonny & Cher on American Bandstand on June 12, 1965.  I didn't really get into their music until much later, I was only 6 in June of 1965.   I was a huge fan of their variety show in the '70s though.  This design is the logo that formed the backdrop for the show, they were orange circles with black outlines.  I was stuck with the white background fabric and it was just not right so I used my prismacolors to fill in the missing colors.
I think it turned out pretty good!  I'm really liking the texture the aida cloth gave to the colored area and may use this technique in the future.  I love prismacolor pencils as you can layer the colors for blending which is what I did to get the orange the right color.
You can see my test area in the selvedge.  I knew the orange I had was too bright and too red.  First I tried it with the orange put down first and the yellow on top, still too red.  Then I used the yellow with the orange on top and it was perfect.  The yellow was done pretty strongly and the orange was like a light top coat to achieve the right tone.

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